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We create video games with that special feeling
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Plans for the future

We are aware, that our studio doesn't have the capacity at the moment to produce the best video games on the market. The goal however is clear. Every game we make is supposed to be better than the one before, working our way up to a point were we are able to produce all the great visions the team has.
You can be sure, that the games that are coming are going to be insane!

So its worth being a part of the LB Infinity Community.



P4rtygames released on Google Play after a long period of development.
Download the game and have fun with your friends!
Available on Smartphone and Tablet.
We're planning on releasing on the App Store and other Stores aswell.


Santa's busy day is now available on Steam!
It is free to play it will stay that way.
Available on all Steam-supported platforms.