About LB Infinity

LB Infinity is a small game development team, located in Germany. Founded a short while ago, on the 13th of November 2023, we are already in full development mode. Our focus is currently on PC based games, but surely we will publish mobile games as well. We want to make mainly Strategy games, but with some Arcade and other stuff here and there.


We understand the difference between a good game and an amazing game. A good game is well designed and has good mechanics and levels. An amazing game has this special vibe you get when you think of it. Think of your favourite game, what feelings do you get? Thats exactly what we are all about:
Creating that special feeling you get. Thats our philosophy.

Meet the team

Placeholder Portrait

Following his dream, he founded his own game development studio. While being full of ideas for future games, he is also the main developer at the moment. He had a business before, which he quit to then build this studio.

Philipp Linder
CEO and Founder